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Are you always up for adventures in the bedroom and looking for ways to make your intimate nights extra spicy? Then choose poppers for their muscle relaxing and aphrodisiac function. Buying high-quality poppers, you can do so at Iwantpoppers. We specialise in selling various types of poppers. We have them in all scents, brands and sizes. Check out our range on this page. We also offer handy popper accessories, such as the handy inhalers. For your whole popper experience, therefore, turn to Iwantpoppers.

Why buy poppers?

Poppers contain chemical compounds like nitrite, which rapidly dilate the blood vessels in the body. This results in an immediate drop in blood pressure and a feeling of warmth and relaxation. In addition, people experience a feeling of bliss and excitement. This excitement often manifests itself in sexual arousal. Poppers can also help relax the sphincter muscles, which is why some people use them during anal sex.

How do you use poppers?

With poppers, you don't drink or taste any liquid, but inhale the vapours of this liquid. You do this by opening the poppers and putting some of the liquid on a cloth. Then, this soon begins to vapourise. To feel the effects of the drug, you need to inhale these vapours. Or you inhale directly from the bottle. For a short time, you will feel the effects of the popper. These effects are only short-lived, as the intoxication is over after a few minutes.

Different types of poppers

Poppers can consist of several active substances. You have poppers with amyl nitrite. This is a substance, which gradually gets stronger, realising longer effects. You will find this active substance in Jungle Juice Gold Label, for example. Buy this popper via this link. In addition, you have poppers based on pentyl nitrite. These are the best-selling and best poppers in the world. The distinctive feature of these poppers is their strong libido enhancing effects, which occur immediately after inhalation. Examples of this type of poppers can be found in the Amsterdam Black Label. Buy this bestseller here. Finally, you have poppers with propyl nitrite. This is the basic compound, so to speak, that underlies the poppers of our time. The brand Iron Horse sells propyl nitrite-based poppers. Moreover, there are also several poppers with a mixture of these substances.

Buy cheap poppers at

Buying cheap poppers, you do at Iwantpoppers. We are a specialist in poppers. With us, you will find the most famous brands, such as Rush, Iron Horse, Amsterdam and Jungle Juice. We have small, medium and large poppers. Besides, we do not only focus on this area with pleasure and relaxation bringing. We also get you other items to make your adventures in the bedroom more interesting in our online sex shop. From libido boosters to sex toys; with us, you can make your sex life even more exciting.

Mind the risks

Poppers are thus used to create a feeling of relaxation and increased sexual arousal. However, using poppers is not without risks. It can lead to side effects such as dizziness, nausea and headaches. So always be careful how you use a popper and how often you use it.

Absolute don'ts

It all sounds very easy, but we still give you some tips regarding the use of poppers: 

  • Poppers are highly flammable! Just a small flame can cause a big stinging flame or other problems! So be careful with fire.
  • Do not use poppers in combination with erection aids. This is because both have an effect on your blood pressure, which can lead to big problems!
  • Use poppers in moderation. As with alcohol, "enjoy in moderation" applies. Using poppers too much and too often can lead to unpleasant side effects.
  • Never swallow the poppers liquid! Swallowing the liquid can cause severe irritation and affect the mucous membranes.
  • Store your popper dark, dry and cool.

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