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Erotic game

Do you think your or your sex life could use a boost and you don't really want to have heavy conversations about it? Then consider playing an erotic game. The boost you are looking for often comes naturally when playing an erotic game. We present to you here some fun erotic games, games that can change your sex life just like that.

There are plenty of erotic games available

When it comes to an erotic game, you can of course go for the Ring for Sex, or you can get started with silicone ice cubes. After all, there is much more when it comes to erotic games. A lot more, in fact. For instance, have you ever thought of playing strip poker? You can play this with your partner or even with friends. In the latter case, though, set a limit beforehand. What is needed? Cards, poker, chips and, of course, clothes. If you run out of chips, you can buy new ones by exchanging an item of clothing. Success guaranteed!

Partnerlink, a popular erotic game

Another popular erotic game is Partnerlink. The game is known for the many naughty scenarios you can face. With Partnerlink, at least, the concept of role-playing takes on a whole new dimension. Meanwhile, Ultimate Desire has also become a popular erotic game. Indeed; it is now considered one of the most popular board games in the world. If you play this game, you face hundreds of different sensual assignments and question cards. You take turns rolling a die and moving your puppet around the board. Each place on the board represents a naughty question or a very exciting assignment.

Do you dare to play Truth or Dare with friends?

Also loved and known is the erotic game called Truth or Dare. If you buy this board game, you buy as it were a box full of naughty questions and equally naughty assignments. You take turns to draw a card from the box and then either have to answer a question honestly, or perform an exciting assignment. You can play this game with your own partner, but also with friends. Provided you guard your own boundaries. And should you play it with friends, make it a rule that you can 'pass' a question or assignment a few times.

The naughty version of the children's game Twister

Let's definitely talk about Strip Twister, the naughty version of the well-known children's game Twister. Initially, you play the children's game until someone finishes. In that case, it costs someone a piece of clothing. As a result, in time, everyone who participates stands fully or partially undressed on the Twister board, which of course can have great and very exciting 'consequences'. With playing the numerous erotic games available, the tension within the relationship (or wider) can quickly get a huge boost.

Many people find it difficult to have tough conversations about a dormant sex life. How do you start such a conversation and how does such a conversation unfold? By playing an erotic game, it all more than comes naturally and you automatically get to that which you are so looking for. Of course, playing such a game with your own partner is fun and harmless. If you decide to be really daring and involve other people in playing erotic games, make sure you know beforehand how far you want to go. This will prevent problems afterwards and that is exactly not the intention of playing an erotic game. Do you want to play more than just an erotic game? Then you've come to the right place at To take your intimate moments together with your partner or yourself to the next level, you can also find poppers, anal toys, vibrators, dildos, cock rings, condoms and much more.


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