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Anal toys

Anal toys

Anal toys are becoming increasingly popular as people feel more comfortable exploring their sexuality. The stigma surrounding this exploration is diminishing and it is becoming more socially accepted that people can experience certain other things as pleasurable. You don't have to be homosexual to experience an anal toy as pleasurable either. Are you not yet oriented in your sexual experiences and do you want to know if anal toys are something for you? Here we explain the possibilities of these toys.

Stimulation and penetration with anal toys

Anal penetration and stimulation is possible for both men and women. For men, it can be even more enjoyable than for women. In men, the prostate gland can be massaged through the anus. The prostate gland is the gland that produces the white liquid of semen and it is very sensitive. Massaging this gland can lead to orgasms. That is why anal sex is very popular among homosexual couples with two men. However, anal intercourse in women can also lead to orgasms. This feels different and can be experienced as more pleasurable than vaginal penetration for some women. For other women, a combination of anal penetration and vaginal stimulation is very pleasant. This can be achieved by using anal toys. These anal toys can also help if you are not yet ready for anal penetration through the genitals of a man. For example, you can insert a butt plug into your anus to loosen up the sphincter. Something else that helps here are poppers. These loosen up the anus muscle and you are more relaxed, so you don't experience any pain.

New possibilities with anal toys

You can also experience new adventures with anal toys. These toys are made to provide optimal stimulation, and the human body often does not have this naturally. What the body cannot do, anal toys can support. It is not your competition, but rather an aid to experience pleasure. You can use anal toys on your own, but also as a couple. This means endless possibilities. Not only can you practice with anal toys, but they can also help you to go a step further. Some people find fisting very pleasurable, but not everyone is willing to do it. A fist dildo can provide good support for this.

Do you want the sexual experience of anal stimulation and penetration? Then anal toys are the perfect solution! Check out the other articles in our webshop for the best experiences in bed, like vibrators and the best lubricants.

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