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Poppers are known for their relaxing effect on the muscles and the mild euphoria they can cause. They belong to the group of nitrites and are usually sold in small bottles. The liquid in these bottles is inhaled, typically through the nose. The main active ingredient in poppers is usually amyl nitrite, but other nitrites such as isobutyl or butyl nitrite can also be used. Do you also want to buy quality poppers? Look no further! At Iwantpoppers, we specialize in selling high-quality poppers from top popper brands. With us, you buy quickly and discreetly.

Effects of poppers

Poppers have a very short duration of action, usually only a few minutes. This means that the effects occur quickly but also disappear rapidly. One of the main effects of poppers is the relaxation of the muscles, including the muscles in the blood vessels. This can lead to a feeling of warmth and an increased heart rate. However, this total muscle relaxation also makes penetration easier, leading people to take poppers more often to facilitate and make anal sex more comfortable. Poppers can also enhance the sexual experience by increasing sensitivity to touch. Finally, poppers bring a light, euphoric buzz.


Prudent use of poppers is essential for a pleasurable experience without unwanted side effects. Although their use may entail some risks, smart choices can minimize negative effects. For example, avoiding regular use can help prevent headaches, allowing you to fully enjoy without aftermath. Additionally, it is crucial to know that combining poppers with other substances, such as Viagra, should be avoided to prevent health complications. People with heart or vascular problems should be extra cautious, as changes in blood vessels can potentially be dangerous.

Well-known popper brands

In the Netherlands, there are various brands of poppers on the market. Check out our complete range via this link. These are the most popular popper brands:

  • Rush poppers
  • Jungle Juice
  • Amsterdam
  • Iron Horse
  • Blue Boy
  • Lockerroom poppers
  • PWD poppers

Buying Rush poppers

Rush is indeed the most well-known brand among poppers. Want to buy Rush poppers? Go to this page. Every popper user recognizes the distinctive yellow bottles immediately. The brand has been active since the 1970s and has been on the wishlist of many for years. Characteristic of these poppers are the pure and intense experiences you have with them.

Using poppers

Poppers are actually volatile liquids that you can inhale. The liquid is never ingested. You inhale it directly from the bottle or drop some of the liquid on a handkerchief. Be sure that the liquid does not come into contact with your skin or mucous membranes, as this can have an irritating effect. Poppers are also flammable.

Buying inhalers for poppers

Inhalers are accessories for your popper use that make the whole popper experience easier and enrich it. An inhaler ensures that liquid cannot unexpectedly get on your hands. This way, you use poppers more safely. A popper inhaler is made leak-proof, allowing you to carry your liquid in your pants or jacket pocket without any hassle with bouncers, in case you have to hand over your glass popper bottle.

Outlet poppers buying

Sometimes a label on the popper bottle may be crooked or discolored. These are just cosmetic flaws, as the quality of the poppers has not changed. However, incorrect packaging doesn't look nice, and that's why at Iwantpoppers, we offer an outlet popper section where you can buy poppers cheaply at high discounts. Each product indicates what is wrong, so you know exactly what you're buying.

Buying poppers at Iwantpoppers

Buying poppers? Do it at We specialize in selling high-quality poppers from various well-known popper brands. Additionally, you'll find handy accessories with us to enrich your experience. However, you can also turn to us for other products to enrich your bedroom adventure. Check out our online sex shop here and get your sex items quickly at home.

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