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Lubricants waterbase

What is water-based lubricant?

The water-based lubricant has the same effect as normal lubricant. The only difference is that this lubricant, as the name suggests, is water-based. Lubricant is meant to reduce (painful) friction. When a person, for whatever reason, is unable to provide a natural form of lubrication, this water-based lubricant is what you need. There are a ton of reasons for using lubrication, all you need is a lively imagination and the lust to let the lubricant do its job!


Who are these products for?

Water-based lubricants can and should be used by everyone. It makes the skin soft and supple, making sex feel all the more intense. There are three common reasons for using water-based lubricants, those being:

  • A woman not producing enough natural lubricants herself. This can be for a number of reasons, for example pregnancy, simply not being in the mood for relations, vaginal complaints such as vaginismus or simply being stressed. This is nothing to be ashamed of since it is completely normal for this to happen. We are just here to offer the best water-based lubricants that you can get on the internet!
  • People that want to use silicone toys. It is an absolute no-go to use silicone-based lubricant when using silicone toys. Using silicone on silicone creates very unwanted friction. If there is one thing that you do not want, it would be a rope burn in your private parts.
  • Some people are allergic to silicones or silicone-related products; thus they have to resort to alternative products like water-based lubricant. Thankfully our water based lubricants are of the highest quality.

Anal lubricant

When having anal sex, it is always recommended to use lubricant because the anus itself does not produce moisture or relax, due to it being classified as a smooth muscle. In addition, it is also very sensitive because the skin in this area is extra thin compared to other areas of your body., therefore, offers water-based lubricant specially designed for anal sex. This lubricant has a longer effect than normal water-based lubricants. This is necessary as the anus is a vulnerable area. It is recommended to use enough lubricant to be able to keep enjoying anal sex. Water-based anal lubricant is also very much recommended when using anal sex toys. The goal of a sex toy is to have fun, and with anal sex toys lube is absolutely needed to have fun! Are you not sure whether you are in the mood or not? Try ordering one of our many poppers to get that lust going!

Different kinds of lubricants

Besides our water-based lubricant, we also offer other types of lubricants. For example, we also have a cooling lubricant. This lubricant creates a cooling effect on contact with the skin which causes a refreshing sensation. This lubricant will add an extra intimate and exciting twist to sex. Besides cooling lubricant, we also offer warming lubricant on our website. Unlike our cooling lubricant, this lubricant actually creates a warming effect. When this lubricant comes into contact with the skin, it will create a warming sensation. This will provide extra stimulation.

Finally, we also offer lubricants with different flavours. For example, we have a lube that tastes like strawberry, aloe vera, passion fruit, cherry, and energy guarana. All in all, we have a lube for everyone’s desire. So we hope you can make a choice between all our different kinds of water-based lubricants. Once you have ordered, you don't have to worry about anyone else seeing exactly what you have ordered. Our packages 100% discrete. To guarantee more safety, every order is paid for using a secure payment method.

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