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Vibrating butt plugs

Vibrating butt plugs

Vibrating butt plugs are an ideal way to magnify your sexual escapades, whether you are flying solo or with a partner. There is a societal stigma that only women and people within the LGBTQ+ scene are ‘allowed’ to buy these vibrating butt plugs, but this is simply not true. Any person of any gender or sexual orientation should be happy to add one of our beautiful vibrating toys to their personal collection! Having fun with the backdoor is no indication of sexual orientation. It is, however, a pure indication of pleasure! For example, did you know the male G-spot is located on the prostate (Medical News Today, 2020)? If you are wondering what kind of products we have, take a look just right above this text. If you are looking for more information on vibrating butt plugs, then we advise you to keep on reading!

Why do vibrating butt plugs feel good?

People who have their g-spot in the prostate will feel a significant surge in pleasure when using a vibrating butt plug, or any regular butt plug for that matter. The prostate, which is a gland located about 6 centimeters into the anus, can bring your orgasm to new heights. But did you know a vibrating butt plug does not need to reach the prostate to stimulate your solo- or shared experience? The nerve endings can also be found around the anus, meaning that a smaller entering toy can also enhance your pleasure ceiling to new heights.

But the prostate is not the only one that can benefit from a good anal toy. If you are someone who has a vulva, then try combining the anal toy with clitoral stimulation for an absolute world-shattering orgasm! Combining clit stimulation with an anal toy or vaginal toy will leave you absolutely shaking, so only go for it when you are absolutely sure that no one can hear you!

How do I use a vibrating butt plug?

Preparation is key, not matter what you do. Whether you are planning on doing a home renovation or inserting an anal toy: you need to be properly prepared. Firstly, start off by making sure your rectum is clean. This can be done by using a douche beforehand. We will explain the exact staps in the header below. If you already know how to do this, you can skip the instructions!

After having douched, as per the instructions below, it is advised to use enough of the right lube. The reason we emphasize that you need the right lube, is due to the fact that there are multiple kinds of lube. We have specially made lubricants for anal pleasure. The benefits to this kind of lube, in comparison to e.g., masturbation lubricants, is that it lasts way longer. Many people who use vibrating butt plugs like to keep them in for extended amounts of time. This lubrication makes it so that you are still able to gently take it out after wearing the butt plug for an extended time, due to it not dissolving. We do want to note to regularly check if the lubricant is still applied, especially when taking the plug out. Better safe than sorry!

When the right lube is applied, it is time to insert your new buzzing friend! Take a comfortable position and use enough lube. Rather too much than too little. Most people prefer to lay on their back while inserting to the toy, but honestly, it is all up to personal preference. Gently insert it, do not rush it! Pleasure takes patience. We strongly advise turning on the vibrating functions after the vibrating butt plug is inserted, as to make the insertion process easier. All our vibrating butt plugs either have a flagged or round base, as to reduce the chance that it gets stuck within the anus. We strongly recommend against using bullet vibrators in your anus!

How do I use an anal douche?

As we said before: preparation is key. Below you will find the needed steps, given the fact that you already own an anal douche:

  1. Start with a clean douche and nozzle. You do not want any unnecessary bacteria around your private parts.
  2. Use slightly warm water, do not use burning hot water! This will do damage to your oh so sensitive areas.
  3. When using an enema solution, follow the mixing instructions on the packaging.
  4. Use anal lubrication, which you probably got via the earlier link in this text, to make the insertion of the douche easier. Use this lubrication on just the tip of the douche.
  5. We recommend doing the insertion process in an easy-to-clean environment, like a shower.
  6. Try to set your leg on a slightly elevated surface, please beware of slippery environments!
  7. Use a clean and lubed-up finger to relax your anus, before gently putting in the nozzle of the douche.
  8. Gently insert the nozzle into your anus.
  9. Squeeze the liquid to squirt it into the anus.
  10. Hold the liquid for a few seconds before letting it all out.
  11. Repeat until either the water is clean or you have no more liquid!

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