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From time to time, it can happen that you or your partner feels less in the mood for sex. This can be due to too much alcohol, stress or a lack of desire to each other. However, it can be very annoying for both parts. Fortunately, there are solutions for these moments, where lust can be aroused. One way to do this is by using aphrodisiacs, which help you or your partner to be more sexually active again. Iwantpoppers has different kinds of aphrodisiacs in its assortment, which may help you to give that needed little boost.

Aphrodisiacs help you in every situation

A decrease in libido in both men and women can be caused by many different things. Among other things, unhealthy eating or not exercising can affect the libido, but drinking a lot of alcohol or taking drugs can also affect it negatively. Whatever the situation is, with our aphrodisiacs, low libido is a thing of the past and you no longer have to worry about a reduced need.

Different aphrodisiacs

We have several kinds of aphrodisiacs in our assortment, including different kinds of pills, creams and gels. All these aphrodisiacs are from the brand boners. You can find boners erection pills, boners erection cream and boners penis xxl cream. All our products are tested and therefore completely safe to use.

Buy our erection gel or cream

Our most popular male aphrodisiac is the erection gel and erection cream by boners. If you buy erection gel, you will be able to have a longer-lasting erection. You can order this erection gel directly on our website. We will make sure that it’s send fast and discreetly.

Ordering aphrodisiacs for women

Aphrodisiacs are available for both men and women. Since women can also suffer from low libido, it is important that there are sufficient options available. The most common causes for female low libido are contraceptive use, menstrual cycle and menopause. Yet, these situations do not automatically mean that the libido goes down. In fact, this is different for every woman. In exceptional cases, these situations can also backfire and actually increase libido. At our partner store, Funcaps, you can order several aphrodisiacs for women.

What kind of aphrodisiac do I need?

The type of aphrodisiac you need depends on several factors. Among other things, the best aphrodisiac depends on your gender. Are you a woman? Then you need special aphrodisiacs for women. You can find these at our partner store. If you are a man, the same applies and you should only use aphrodisiacs specifically for men. For men, erectile stimulants like boner erection cream or boners erection pills, are the best choice.

Are these aphrodisiacs safe?

All our aphrodisiacs have been tested and are completely safe to use. Each aphrodisiac comes with instructions on how to use them and in what quantities. We recommend that you follow these instructions so that you can continue to use the products safely and responsibly.

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